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Create an impactful coaching culture.

Evolve into a connected, collaborative, and innovative workplace where employees of all levels can improve themselves, become better leaders, and move the needle towards personal and organisational goals.

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Create an impactful coaching culture.

Evolve into a connected, collaborative, and innovative workplace where employees of all levels can improve themselves, become better leaders, and move the needle towards personal and organisational goals.

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Your top talent is looking for meaningful ways to improve themselves, their colleagues, and your business.

One of the most overlooked aspects of the modern world of work is our shared humanity and universal need for attention, affection, appreciation and acceptance. We are all programmed to connect and belong, especially within our work environment.

By offering your top talent the support to get the work-life balance they desire, the personal and professional development they need to continue growing, and the well-being they deserve, you will increase job satisfaction and retention, productivity, performance, and innovation.

Coaching Formats

Virtual & In Person

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A flexible highly bespoke coaching approach designed to fit the needs of individual employees.  


Team coaching experiences help employees become more aware, develop, grow and reach their full potential – together.


We design a programme uniquely to the work-life needs of your people and your organisation.


Change perspective on work and life by creating time and space for learning and growth in a retreat setting.

How is InnerBloom Coaching different?

My approach is not just transactional; its consultative, strategic, holistic and highly bespoke. Together, we delve into your organisational ecosystem, future business needs, workplace culture and aspirations of the talent that serves within.

The coaching solution that follows is focussed, cost-effective and delivered in a way that will bring out the purposeful potential of your human talent as well as your organisation.

I love AI, and apps, but I am all bout transformation and growth through real connection, human being to human being. As a highly experienced and certified coach, I serve your top talent with my unique coaching presence and signature coaching methodology.


Career coaching is a proactive investment in employee growth, wellbeing and performance. The goal is to empower your employees to navigate and flourish throughout their professional journey in your organisation through capacity building, identifying skills, strenghts and areas for development. 

My unique career development approach includes job crafting. Job crafting is about taking pro-active steps and actions to redesign work-life for better performance. It is an employee-initiated approach that enables them to shape their own work environment. Employees are invited to look at what makes their job meaningful, understand their role in relation to the organisation’s purpose and values, all with the premise to stay in the same role so they can be more satisfied and be the best at what they do.

Advancement ∞ Transition ∞ Retention ∞ Meaningful Work  


A flourishing work-life involves mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental health. A truly ‘whole-istic’ and integrative approach to health that looks beyond food and exercise to other areas of life that can impact health and wellbeing such as career satisfaction, the quality of your relationships, how you feel in your home and work environment to how you feel in your mind and body.

This coaching program is designed to help employees take control of their own wellbeing. They will gain insight into their ability to understand their stressors and working style so they become well equiped to deal with the future of work demands.

Anchored in both modern and ancient sciences supported by neuroscience research, we coach around the four essential cornerstones of wellbeing – Purpose, Meaning, Intention and Shadow. These cornerstones are combined with the 6 pillars of perfect health – Sleep, Self-Care, Emotions, Movement, Nutrition and Meditation.

Whole Health ∞ Stress Management


This coaching approach is not to be confused with conventional business or leadership coaching. It’s an inner journey to the core of your organisation, delving deep into both strategic and energetic aspects to foster alignment and sustainable growth.

Our sessions are designed to empower organisational leaders by fostering a heightened state of consious awareness. This awareness enables them to formulate and prioritise strategies that propel your organisation to its full potential.

The focus of strategic coaching is to come up with a viable action plan that will improve processes and drive growth. Our approach starts with a fundamental question posed to your leaders: “What’s the next step?”

The response consists of tangibale, measurable and readily implementable steps oriented towards the achievement of clear objectives. Follow-up sessions will ensure accountability, monitoring and implementation and depends on the needs of your organisation.

Conscious Leadership ∞ Organisational Growth


Bespoke coaching supports self-empowered professionals and business leaders with unique challenges and aspirations.

We start by exploring the unique challenges, needs, and success metrics for coaching in your organisation. Based on our findings, we then agree to a coaching structure to best support your people and your organisation.

Challenges we often coach around are:

∞ Burnout and mindset boundaries coaching

∞ Stress Management and Mental Wellness

∞ Redundancy and workplace reintegration coaching

∞ Conflict and respectful relationship coaching

∞ Parenting and work-life balance

∞ Women in business 

∞ Self-leadership development

∞ Whole health – from mental health to menopause to sleep.

The InnerBloom Coaching Experience

∞ Our Main Objective

To empower fellow human beings to be well, live well, work well, lead well and do well so they can make a difference in their own communities and beyond.

∞ Our Approach

Our unique approach is rooted in the world’s first Chopra™ Total Wellbeing Coaching Model, incorporating leading-edge coaching methodologies, positive psychology, neuroscience, metaphysics research, consciousness-based philosophies and ancient wisdom. We draw from performance & development coaching, human performance coaching, wellbeing coaching and ontological coaching and blend these with experiential learning moments.

∞ Our Difference

We love to challenge the norm and go beyond the conventional approach, offering holistic personal, professional and organisational development that leverages an inner development framework. Find out more HERE.

∞ Our Philosophy

We embrace the value of wander as an integral part of our service delivery. It embodies the act of embracing curiosity and exploring, both physically and metaphorically. By deviating from the familiar paths and embracing the unkown, we foster personal personal growth, creativity, and a profound connection to ourselves and the world around us.

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Are you ready to cultivate a workplace culture that prioritises building connections, fostering trust, engaging and inspiring employees, promoting diversity and inclusion, supporting work-life balance, and instilling a sense of purpose?

We understand that every individual and workplace culture is unique, so we provide tailored services that align with the uniqueness of your organisation, your unique needs and that of the people that serve within.

As advocates of human connection, we would love connect with you on a 30-minute ignition call and uncover how we can support the ongoing growth and development of your organisation and your inner resources.

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