Men’s health is a crucial aspect of overall workplace well-being that often goes unnoticed. Many men feel societal pressure to be strong and self-reliant, often neglecting their physical and mental wellbeing in the process.

By celebrating Men’s Health Week from 13-19 June, you can raise awareness about preventable health problems and encourage male employees to adopt healthy lifestyles, physically and emotionally. Additionally, Employee Wellbeing Month in June allows organisations to bring men’s health to the forefront throughout the month.

InnerBloom Workshops and Keynotes:

InnerBloom Coaching, known for its innovative and impactful wellbeing experiences, has designed a series of workshops/keynotes that can really make an impact across your organisation.

These workshops provide a safe and supportive environment, aim to break down barriers and provide male employees with the necessary knowledge and resources to prioritise their overall health and wellbeing.

Join us in creating a workplace culture that values and supports men’s health by booking one or all of our workshops:

Day 1: Meaningful Conversations Workshop

Unlock the power of communication in your workplace by having meaningful conversations. Learn how these conversations build empathy, cohesion, develop leadership skills, and foster resilience. By addressing important topics, you can cultivate purpose, camaraderie, connection, and well-being among your team.

Day 2: Destigmatising Mental Health Workshop

Break the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace with this thought provoking workshop. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of mental well-being, explore effective coping strategies, understand unconscious bias and learn how to maintain optimal mental fitness.

Day 3: Healthy Living Workshop

Participants will discover the six pillars of perfect health and well-being—Sleep, Movement, Nutrition, Emotions, Self-Care, and Mindful Awareness/Meditation. Participants will evaluate their overall health, set achievable goals, and develop new habits that promote better physical and mental well-being.

Day 4: Stress Management and Relaxation Workshop

Participants will learn to prioritise self-care and stress reduction by explore mindfulness techniques, engaging in relaxation exercises, and acquiring effective strategies for managing stress in a demanding work environment.

Day 5: Evaluation & Goal Setting Workshop

Participants will assess their overall health and set achievable goals formulated from a strong intention. They will engage in self-reflection exercises, receive tips for maintaining motivation, and access resources to track their progress toward a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.


By celebrating Men’s Health Week in the workplace and partnering with InnerBloom Coaching, you can create a supportive work environment that breaks down barriers and promotes men’s health.

The workshops and keynotes facilitated by InnerBloom provide valuable insights, resources, and practical tools for male employees to prioritise their physical and mental well-being.

We partner with your organisation on a journey of elevated health and performance in the workplace. By intertwining ancient wisdom with modern practices, we create an environment where employees can truly bloom.

Together, we can create workplaces that value, understand, and nurture men’s health. Book your workshops today and embark on a journey of well-being and growth.

Connect with us now to schedule a consultation and embark on the journey to a more balanced and thriving world. Wellbeing for all.